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Electrawn is the premier 100% electric lawn company servicing Florida. We are striving to make an impact in a field reluctant to change.  For years, companies have been using traditional gasoline mowers to maintain your lawns and neighborhoods, leaving a mark on our environment, something that now can be a thing of the past.

With the advancements in battery technology and brushless motors, our co-founders are determined to start a revolutionary lawn care movement.

Choosing to be an all-electric lawn care company, we’re able to minimize our carbon footprint when providing services because our equipment produces zero emission, minimal noise, and is pet-friendly.

Together, we can make an impact!

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Electrawn LLC | About Us

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Electrawn LLC | About Us

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Electrawn LLC | About Us
Eco Friendly

It's our goal to reduce our carbon footprint.

Electrawn LLC | About Us

We don't throw in any hidden costs. Our pricing is upfront and honest.

Electrawn LLC | About Us
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With our attention to detail we provide the highest quality services.

Electrawn LLC | About Us
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We offer pricing that's affordable and fair.