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Electrawn is an all-electric lawn care company providing a low noise, pet friendly, and zero emission service. It is for those who want to see a change and strive to make an impact. Together we can make a difference one service at a time.

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Landscape Maintenance

We understand landscape maintenance can be a very long and tiring process in the Lakeland, FL, area.  The local professional landscapers at Electrawn, LLC use all organic materials and all-electric equipment to perform your landscape services.

We offer landscape maintenance services such as hedge & shrub trimming, plant installs, flowerbed cleanouts, weeds removal, mulch delivery and install, and more. By adding mulch, you instantly enhance the curb appeal of your home and personalize your landscape.

With the simple addition of mulch, your landscape will come together, drawing the attention of your neighbors.  We can make your landscape pop with the addition of mulch of your choosing.

Organic Mulch Landscape Maintenance:

It minimizes the growth of weeds as it serves as a barrier from sunlight to reach the soil. Mulching is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn care plan.  Mulching helps to promote soil nutrition by maintaining moisture retention and keeping your soil temperature balanced.

In addition to providing curb appeal, mulching also helps to prevent weed growth and helps keep soil permeable during the rainy season. Its ability to maintain soil moisture. Instant curb appeal to your house and garden. Organic mulch increases soil fertility over time. Allows plants to stay neat and clean. 

For questions about our professional landscape services please contact us.

Electrawn LLC | Landscape Maintenance
Electrawn LLC | Landscape Maintenance


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