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Electrawn is an all-electric lawn care company providing a low noise, pet friendly, and zero emission service. It is for those who want to see a change and strive to make an impact. Together we can make a difference one service at a time.

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Sod Installation Services

At Electrawn LLC, we specialize in professional sod installation services at an affordable price. No matter the size of your lawn, we can help you achieve that perfect green grass look you desire.

Our sod installation service is perfect for those who want to establish roots quickly and grow a healthy new lawn. 

Sod installation typically refers to the installation of sod, or grass that has been grown on a sod farm and then cut into strips for easy transportation and installation.

Sod is typically installed on top of prepared soil to create a lawn or to repair an existing lawn.  Zoysia Grass is a prominent sod type in Florida.  Here is a link to further information about Zoysia grass. 

St. Augustine grass is a staple for home lawns in the South. It has coarse, tropical-looking blades, it thrives in warm or humid areas and in some cases, it can be really resilient to stress. 

Professional Sod Installation Services

The experts at Electrawn LLC have the all the necessary sod installation experience to provide your property with a fresh new look.

Our company provides various types of sod installation to make your home look beautiful. 

We provide sod installation services in Brandon FL, Lakeland FL, Mulberry FL, and Plant City FL. Electrawn LLC is a premier sod company installer in Florida.

If interested, don’t hesitate to reach out to our company for a quote on your next project!

Electrawn LLC | Sod Installation Services
Electrawn LLC | Sod Installation Services

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