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Exterior Holiday Lights


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Exterior Holiday Lights

About Christmas Light Installation

At Exterior Holiday Lights, we're all about making your holiday season magical and stress-free. We proudly serve the beautiful communities of Plant City, Tampa, Brandon, Valrico, Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Gibsonia, Florida. Our mission is to turn your home into a dazzling winter wonderland, and we've been doing just that for years.

Electrawn LLC | Holiday Lights

Our Services

All-Inclusive Service

We handle everything from start to finish, ensuring your home shines bright throughout the holiday season. Our all-inclusive service includes design, custom installation, free maintenance until Christmas Eve, and timely removal after January 1st.

Commercial-Grade LED Lighting

Say goodbye to those flimsy store-bought lights that barely last a season. We exclusively use commercial-grade LED lighting that's not only much brighter but also built to last. These lights can be cut to fit your home perfectly, ensuring a seamless and professional look.

Customization at Its Best

With Exterior Holiday Lights, your holiday lighting dreams become a reality. Choose from a wide range of color options, including traditional warm or cool white, classic multi-color, or any custom pattern you desire. Want a candy cane pattern with red and white bulbs, or maybe green and red, blue and white? You name it, and we'll bring it to life.



Frequently Asked Questions

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Our service is all-inclusive, and you don't need to do anything. First, we'll send you a free design and price quote for your home. The basic package includes lights on the front of your house's roof. We'll also give you the option to add extras like wreaths, small lights for your pillars, and stake lights for your flower beds. These extras are up to you – you can pick any or none of them to go with your basic package.

The price we quote you covers everything: the lights, timers, extension cords, clips, and more. We'll install them, take care of maintenance, and remove them when the holiday season is over.

No, you don't have to buy, take care of, or replace anything. You're only paying for our service, and we provide the lights as part of that service.

Installing lights on a regular roofline usually takes two people about 3 to 5 hours. If it's a bit more challenging or involves extra tasks like wrapping trees, it might take a whole day or even longer.

We can't use store-bought lights for your project. They can't be changed to fit your needs, so it's tough to make them look really good and professional. We can't promise that they'll turn out well, and we can't offer a warranty or guarantee for them either. The only time we'll use store-bought lights is if you want them on a wreath or a few blow-up yard decorations. But, for things like roofs, pillars, and beds, we'll only use our own lights.

They really don't! In fact, they're super energy-efficient. On average, they use about 90% less electricity than regular incandescent bulbs. Take our large C9 LED bulbs, for example. They only use around 0.7 watts of electricity, while the incandescent version of the same bulb uses 7 watts. This means you'll only be spending a few pennies a day on electricity for your Christmas lights instead of the dollars you used to. Plus, you'll have fewer issues with tripping breakers and blown fuses.

Definitely! One more fantastic thing about the lights we offer is that you can pick the colors you want. You've got options like classic warm or cool white, the traditional mix of colors, or any pattern you fancy. Want a candy cane look with red and white bulbs, or maybe some green and red, blue and white, or even Coastal Carolina University teal? You can mix and match however you like. We can even get bulbs that switch colors! And if you decide to use our service for multiple years, changing your color scheme each time is absolutely free!

Our service begins at $499. If you're satisfied with the initial package we've provided, we can set up a meeting to discuss any additional ideas you might have, such as adding garlands or lighting up trees and bushes.

In addition, we offer a special deal: if you sign up for multiple years, you can enjoy a discount of up to 20%! So, not only do you get a great service, but you also save more in the long run.

Our Work

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