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ELECTRAWN YARD IRRIGATION SERVICE Your yard needs to be watered to survive but having to personally apply water every day or every other day can be time-consuming in Lakeland, FL, area. The irrigation specialists at Electrawn, LLC can provide you with a professional yard irrigation installation, removing your worries about killing your grasses due to […]

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Looking for competitively priced mulch installation in Lakeland, FL? Look no further than Electrawn, LLC. Our professional team can have your project finished in a fraction of the time, and we take pride in our attention to detail and finishing touches. Contact us today for a free mulch service quote!

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At times trees become overgrown and potentially dangerous in Lakeland, FL, and the surrounding area. The tree trimming professionals at Electrawn, LLC can trim your trees, keeping them looking strong and healthy. We use all-electric equipment, so we don’t pollute the environment, but still provide our customers with exceptional service. Contact us today for all […]

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Electrawn, LLC is your number one source for local all-electric, eco-friendly seasonal lawn cleanups in the Lakeland, FL, area. When the seasons change, leaves fall, causing your yard to look unkempt. We will provide you with a thorough lawn cleanup that’ll make your property look great again. Contact the lawn cleanup specialists for all your […]

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The professional landscape designers at Electrawn, LLC will design and build you a custom landscape masterpiece by taking your landscape dreams, transforming them into a reality in the Lakeland, Florida, area. Our landscape design specialists have years of experience working with customers, focusing on the minor details to ensure they capture the entire picture.  Contact […]